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Why INFOWIDE Service Centre

What is a Services Centre?

When several people answer similar types of telephone calls at an order desk or reservations office in a customer service department or technical support center, there is an opportunity to implement a services center. Services centers have evolved to become customer contact centers, processing all types of media transactions. The services center is now seen as the core of a business due to its critical role in maximizing customer satisfaction, while at the same time realizing efficiency. Its integral parts consist of :
- Representatives who handle customer satisfactions
- Records caller requests and inquires, and look up information.

A services center may be found within a department in a company or it may be the single business unit that comprises a company. Regardless of the size of the call center, the objectives of services center management remain consistent :
- To deliver caller satisfaction through prompt, professional call handling
- To control costs by using facilities more efficiently
- To help staff work more productively
- To increase profitability whether callers are purchasing products, requesting service or seeking information,  the call center must be equipped with technology that delivers the timely service they expect.

Customer Service call centers answer questions and have an infrastructure based on calls answered and resolved. Knowing that and finding the right fit is important
- Customer service
- Answering service
- Dealer locator service
- General information
- Market Research surveys

By outsourcing customer service and sales to INFOWIDE, business preserve capital resources, reduce cycle time and improve corporate performance.

We Infowide Services Centre Offer 

High quality resources on web-base customer service and sales operations in more easy and advance way
- Run time quality control
- Run time feedback
- Run time check
- Invest more time towards quality tasks
- Transaction Monitoring
- Right in charge person

Reduction of Operational Costs
- Decrease answering and talk time = reduce communication cost
- Improve processes and save money
- Increase capabilities
- Always get the right person
- Decrease searching resources
- Easily get the best price best services within the top 5

Time is Money
- Readily, reality and trustily available resources
- Quicker turn around time
- Constant coordination and correspondence with immediately response time