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Infowide Services Centre Technology

Integrating the routing and processing of incoming calls and accompanying data create the ability to satisfy as many of a caller’s needs as possible during initial contact with the services center. This combination of technology and business procedures to enhance customer satisfaction is a driving factor in the competitive world of services centers.

Essential Services Center Features

Whether you manage an employee help desk, a customer assistance line or a telephone sales operation, a call center must provide powerful customer care solutions and immediate benefits for the business. Building on the power of customer care solutions.

Quality Control

Quality is the back bone of a services center in providing World Class customer service. Quality is defined per business needs of our clients and our ability to understand and deliver upon agreed standards. Clients will receive the following tools from a quality standpoint; the goal is to continuously improve our center quality :
- Measurement / quality goal
- Agent monitoring
- How to provide feedback / coach agents effectively
- Tailored monitoring form
- Pointer accumulate system

“CUSTOMER SERVICE” AND “QUALITY CONTROL” helps maintain higher customer satisfaction because it provides an educated responsive support staff that is closer to the customer.

We follow certain quality management principle to deliver quality services. Those principles areas follow :
- Customer focus
- Continual improvement / Follow up
- Accurate approach to decision making / Coordination
- Higher customer service and quality control.